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Alaya, an ancient world, filled with darkness and chaos. People lived there, muddled along until Hill particle emerged and guided them to find the light. The people who first discovered Hill established Star Legacy, including discoverers, enablers and explorers to better exploit and utilize this powerful source. However, due to internal contradictions within the organization, some people began to build a new city around Hill and mech technology. The world was split into Fairland (upper world) and Monstrou (lower world).
Fairland occupied 90% of the concentrated Hill deposits and 20% of the population, most of which are mechanists with advanced technology; Monstrou has only 10% scattered Hill deposits but is inhabited by 80% of the population. The most advanced mech technology has been taken away by Fairland, which makes dissatisfaction and hatred of people in Monstrou against Fairland increase day by day.
Fairland is becoming more and more developed. Hill Council has been established and based on that council, management organizations such as the Board of Energy Trade and Mech Development Board have been established. While Fairland keeps flourishing, Monstrou had suddenly been stripped out of the city it used to rely on and experienced a long period of chaos. After that, the normal order was restored under the call of Star Legacy. The gap between the two worlds is widening, which makes the resentment of people in Monstrou accumulate. After Monstrou returned to normal, organizations such as Mech Unions, Death Armor, and Horn of Resistance were successively established.
The establishment of the Mech Union means that the mech technology of Monstrou has entered a new stage. Mechanists discussed with each other there and shared the technical research results of Fairland mech parts stolen from the isolation belt, which greatly improved the lives of people in Monstrou. Another group of radical mechanists established Death Armor, using these mech technologies to develop the combat attributes of mech. They used the modified mech duels and experimented with mech weapons, which brought a lot of trouble to Monstrou.
Although the world is divided into upper and lower parts by Hill technology, due to its instability, a special isolation zone is formed at the interface between the two parts. The space here is chaotic, but it is the only channel through which people from two worlds can communicate. At the same time, there exists the largest black market. Due to the lack of legal regulation, illegal activities are prevalent here. The Mech Development Board has set up a branch of the security department here, specializing in the treatment of discarded mechs, which is equivalent to the waste disposal station of Fairland. The job is done by technicians who have not been recognized in Fairland, so they are full of complaining and resentment.
Due to the lack of technology in Monstrou, even the discarded mechs of Fairland are treasures for them. They travel through storms and chaos in the isolation zone, carefully flattering technicians from Fairland and showing great sincerity to get a few discarded parts. And more often they get nothing and still have to face the anger of technicians. Therefore, some people from Monstrou obtain mech parts through another method - stealing. Stealing parts does not cost anything, but also carries a great risk. Every once in a while, people from Monstrou are humiliated and tortured by technicians because been caught stealing. The black market is also questioned and exploited by them frequently for various reasons. Although people in Monstrou remained silent, the hatred in their hearts keep increasing.
In the mech world, force is king. The lower world needs warriors with unremitting perseverance and firm belief to resist the oppression of Fairland. With hatred for Fairland and determination to win, mechanists in Monstrou threw themselves into the Death Armor. And the power to change the world is also awakened at this moment.

Explanation of special terms

The role of players in game.
Game NPC.
Game NPC.
Game NPC.
Game NFT.
Hill particle
Special powerful energy, the game story starts with the discovery of Hill particle, and unfolds with its research and application.
Game governance token.
Game currency.
Hill deposits / lode
All Hill Particles are extracted from the Hill lord, which is an extremely rare and valuable resource.
Time Capsule
Game mystery box.
Place Name
The carrier of the Origin X story and the collective name for the Origin X world.
Place Name
Fairland / Upper world
After the split event, a part of the Alaya continent floated to the sky, this part is called Fairland / upper world.
Place Name
Monstrou / Lower world
After the split event, the remaining part of the Alaya continent is called Monstrou / lower world.
Place Name
Isolation Belt
After the split event, the site of the split left by the ascension of Fairland is called Isolation Belt.
Star Legacy
Before the split event, Alaya's largest autonomous organization, composed of the first three people who found Hill Particle in the world; after the split, it stayed in the lower world, helping to end the chaos there.
Hill Council
After the split event, the highest administrative organization, formed by the upper world, which managed the entire upper world.
the Board of Energy Trade
After the split event, the agency governed by Hill Council in Fairland, responsible for energy mining and trade.
Mech Development Board
After the split event, the agency governed by Hill Council in Fairland, responsible for the research and application of mech.
Mech Unions
After the split event, the Mechanists Association in Monstrou, the main function is to research and applicate Monstrou's mech technology.
Death Armor
After the split event, the armed gangs in Monstrou, which mainly use mech technology to carry out various transactions.
Horn of Resistance
A joint organization of Monstrou, whose main function is to unite forces against the oppression of Fairland.
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