Origin X

Icy Crystal Mine Control

Because the resources horn of resistance owned is too poor, the mechanists have to explore in order to obtain the icy crystal (ICE) they need. The resources of each crystal lode are different. If the player can find a rich mine, he may get rich rewards. However, he also needs to always be on guard against attacks from other mechanists. Only by defending the mine can he become the ultimate winner.
Most of the mines rich in icy crystal are concentrated in the territory of Hill Council. So different regions may have requirements on the level and combat power of mech. The higher the requirements, the higher the income that can be obtained.
• Rules: Players can choose to participate in battles on 1v1, 3v3, or stimulating battlefields. Only some special mechs can participate in the battle on stimulating battlefields. Different icy crystal mines have different output rates. Players can choose to occupy an unoccupied mine, or they can seize a mine occupied by another player through battle, but they need to pay some icy crystal as a deposit. If win, they can occupy the opponent's mine while recovering the deposit and get a reward of 20% of the icy crystals that the ex-owner still does not collect. If fail, the deposit will reward the owner of the mine. Super mine with fixed output will randomly appear in the stimulating battlefield, which may directly produce HPT and BUSD rewards.
1v1 Battelfield: ICE lodes, very small probability of HPT lodes
3v3 Battlefield: ICE lodes, very small probability of HPT lodes, extremely small probability of BUSD lodes
Stimulating battlefield: ICE lodes, small probability of HPT lodes, very small probability of BUSD lodes, extremely small probability of BNB lodes
• Rewards: ICE, HPT, BUSD, BNB