Hill Particle

As the governance token of Origin X, HPT will be used in many important scenarios in the game. At the same time, it will also be used for the voting governance of Origin X DAO and the profit sharing of the platform in the future. 10% of the NFT profits from later game sales will also be used directly to buy back HPT.

In order to create an absolutely fair and equitable decentralized application scenario, the project party will not do any form of financing or private placement, the team will not retain and hold any token, and tokens will not be pre-allocated in any other form. Tokens will only be produced through IDO.

Assuming that the number of tokens produced through IDO is X, the number of tokens added for liquidity is 0.3X, the number of invitation reward tokens is 0.08X, the token output of Play To Earn in the game is 0.3X, the number of tokens used for community airdrops and operations is 0.05X, and the maximum supply of HPT tokens is X * 1.73.

  • We do not limit any user to participate in IDO or the maximum amount of user participation in IDO. The range of a single participation amount is 100USDT~10,000USDT, you can enter the amount at will within the range. In order to give you a better understanding of the reward corresponding to the participation amount, we use these three values to demonstrate:

100USDT = 125 HPT

1,000USDT = 1,250 HPT + 2 NFT + WL

10,000 USDT = 12,500 HPT + 30 NFT + WL + Partner Identification

  • 30% of the funds raised by IDO are used to add liquidity, 30% to repurchase in the secondary market, 5% for the mystery prize pool, 10% for the dividend pool, and the remaining 25% for the game development and operation.

  • In order to avoid the recurrence of the Raccoon incident, during the process of participating in IDO, the contract will automatically deduct 30% of the funds raised by IDO to add liquidity, and directly destroy the LP obtained.

  • To participate in IDO, users need to fill in the upper invitation address. The valid upper invitation address is the address of participating IDO or the first upper address provided officially.

Mystery Prize Pool

  • A countdown will be set for the distribution of prizes in the Mystery Prize Pool, and the initial countdown is 24 hours. At the end of the countdown, the last participating user will receive all the prizes in that pool (if the IDO has not ended when the previous round of Mystery Prize Pool is emptied, the next round will start until the end of the IDO.)

  • Every time you participate in IDO during the IDO, a 3-minute countdown will be added, and it will not increase after the countdown reaches 24 hours.

  • At the end of the IDO, the last user to participate can get all the prizes in the Mystery Prize Pool (even if the countdown to the Mystery Prize Pool is not over).

Bonus Pool:

  • A Bonus Pool will be established during the IDO. The Bonus Pool will distribute bonus based on the user's participation time and amount. The earlier the user participates in the IDO, the larger the participation amount, and the greater the weight of the bonus.

  • The bonus weight curve is a square root function with the following form: (sqrt(USDT_value * a + b^2) - b) / c.

  • Assuming that the first user spends 100 USDT to participate in IDO and the bonus weight obtained is 6621.0; then the second user also spends 100 USDT to participate, and the bonus weight obtained by the formula calculation will be reduced to 6532.1; the third user spends 100 USDT to participate as well, and the bonus weight obtained will be reduced to 6446.7.

Invitation Reward

  • Only addresses participating in IDO are eligible to be the upper invitation address.

  • The invite reward is divided into two levels. The upper inviters can get 5% of their direct invitees' HPT and 3% of their indirect invitees' HPT as rewards.

  • For every 10 direct invitees of the upper address, the inviters can get an NFT airdrop and an NFT pre-sale whitelist spot as rewards. There is no upper limit on the NFT airdrop reward.

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