Origin X

Partners Program

12% of NFT Profits

How to become a partner?

An address that meets the following two conditions at the same time will automatically become a partner's address and enjoy the rights and interests of the partner. The rights and interests of the partner shall not be transferred.
1. Purchase more than 100 NFTs
2. The number of pledge tokens in the HPT pledge pool reaches 10,000

Partner Rights

  1. 1.
    Partners have exclusive invitation links, and if one purchases an NFT through the partner's exclusive invitation link, the partner's invitation reward will be increased to 8%
  2. 2.
    Partners will divide the additional partner bonus pool based on their ranking of invitees number, accounting for 12% of the NFT profits
  3. 3.
    Partners sell NFTs in the market, the transaction fee will be reduced by 30%
  4. 4.
    Partners have the right to create unions and recruit members in the game, and enjoy the relevant economic benefits brought by their unions
  5. 5.
    Partners are qualified to experience new features of the game
  6. 6.
    Partners can initiate proposals related to game function and economic model in DAO, and jointly decide the future direction and development of the game with the project party