Origin X


Play and Enjoy
The shackles of traditional games are that players have never really owned their game assets, nor can they participate in and determine the future direction of the game. Blockchain provides a new game world that is open and free enough, and players are not only gamers but also participants and creators of game design. Origin X has always adhered to and implemented the concept that game assets should belong to players, governance rights belong to DAO, and the game revenue should be shared by platform and players.
We hope that through the close connection between the game worldview and art style, players will be given a sense of immersion, so that they can feel a sense of belonging in the game. We expect that when players experience the plot or create their own character, whether it is a surprise or a regret, they can immerse themselves in the game world and enjoy the unique experience brought by it.
Play and Enjoy will be our ultimate goal when exploring. We hope that players could develop a sense of belonging and identity with the game, and truly love the game. We expect players to not only participate in the game but also to enjoy it, and look forward to growing together with players.
We believe that the combination of online games and blockchain technology is the mainstream direction in the future, and more and more players will join the world of Origin X to unlock its hidden secrets in wonderful and exciting adventures...