Origin X


Icy Krystal
ICE is the game currency circulating in Origin X, which is widely used in various scenarios of the game, including mech assembly, melting, upgrading, skill learning, etc. There is no upper limit on the distribution of ICE, but the balance of its production and consumption will be the premise of game design because its stability is the cornerstone of the entire game. In order to make the game ecology sustainable and the economic model more stable, the project team will strictly control the price of ICE, keeping 100 ICE = 1 BUSD. Based on that, the project team will establish the ICE stability maintenance fund. If 100 ICE < 1 BUSD, the buying mechanism of the fund will be triggered; and if 100 ICE > 1 BUSD, the ICE selling mechanism will be triggered.
ICE Issuance Plan
• Initially 100 million ICE will be issued, of which 50 million ICE will be used to provide liquidity for the ICE-BUSD trading pair on Pancakeswap, and the other 50 million ICE will be used by the ICE Stability Maintenance Fund to keep the price of ICE and BUSD stable. (All ICE income of the project team will also automatically enter the stability maintenance fund. If ICE in the fund is exhausted, the DAO community will vote to decide whether to start the ICE coinage of the fund)
• The only way to issue additional ICE after the initial coinage is through play.