Origin X

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MetaMask Tutorial

Create your BSC wallet
Origin X is a project based on the BSC chain, so players need to create a BSC address. You can use MetaMask to create a BSC address.
Step 1: Downloading and installing
Click Download now to jump to the client operating system selection interface
After the installation is complete, click on the fox logo in the upper right corner of the browser, and then you can import your wallet or create a new wallet.
Step 2: Adding the BSC chain
MetaMask does not have the BSC chain by default, so you need to add it manually. Click on the blockchain network at the top of the MetaMask interface, and then select custom RPC.
Fill in the following information one by one, and click save:
Network: Binance Smartchain
RPC URL:https://bsc-dataseed.binance.org/
Symbol: BNB
Later, you can see that there is an extra option for Binance Smartchain. You can import your existing BSC account private key into MetaMask.
Finally, please prepare a certain amount of BNB as gas fee, and prepare HPT on PancakeSwap
Last modified 1yr ago